Bjarke Sonnichsen

HillClimbing v. \Bjarke Sonnicsen    

IT ADVISOR                                       

When the IT-suppliers have to be selected and contracts have to be entered and new projects are initiated. Or when order have to be made out of chaos.

CIO   /    IT MANAGER                                               

When You need IT management, structure and professional competences. Build on high level skills in your ERP system in particular and broad IT knowledge in general.


When Dynamics NAV has to suit your company’s needs. Including set-up, system integration and programming.

Updated on knowledge - Always

Adding proven value and best practise to Your NAV solution

•    I invest my time participating in courses + self-instruction

•    I am careful implementing the optimal technologies

•    I am curious of nature and enjoy learning

Part of professional network & ressources

Supported by people adding complementary knowledge

•    Founder of the  network:  www.masterteam.dk

•    Colleagues in business, through +25 years of business

•    Dynamics NAV suppliers and Microsoft


I deliver part time based, according to your changing needs

•    It could be 1 or 2 days on a weekly basis?

•    One week every month?

•    Perhaps a full time need for a limited period?

•    Or a one-off effort of significant importance?


Joyfully participating your projects nationally or internationally 

•   To a high extent I am personal independent and mobile

     for shorter or longer periods

•    My native language is Danish, I speak and understand

     English fluently and manage myself in German


Highly qualified DYNAMICS NAV professional

Ready to assist you :  Ad hoc, part time or full time

Strategy & overview   •  Knowledge & quality   •   Dialogue & listening   •   Advanced trouble shooting

I have the skills and  experience to act in these 3 different  roles

Bjarke Sonnichsen

Production Engineer 1989

University of Southern Denmark

My personal ambition

Comprehended as a complete human being, acting in a broader perspective

Smiling and a happy approach to life itself

Always with professional competence and visionary attitude


Your independant & personal

Dynamics NAV ressource

+ 25 Years in Business

HillClimbing v. Bjarke Sonnichsen        Algad 49, 9300 Sæby, Denmark     •      bjs@hillclimbing.biz

                                              Feel free to get in contact