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Bjarke Sonnichsen

HillClimbing v. \Bjarke Sonnicsen    

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+45 21 700 952



Algade 49

9300 Sæby



On personal request I will be happy to introduce you to my references.

I will then arrange relevant and personal contact in respect for confidentiality and for the value of everyone's time.

Working at your location

No transportation costs.

(when volume in contracts permits)

Remote, when appropiate  for both parts.

Bjarke Sonnichsen

Production Engineer 1989

University of Southern Denmark

My personal ambition

Comprehended as a complete human being, acting in a broader perspective

Smiling and a happy approach to life itself

Always with professional competence and visionary attitude


Your independant & personal

Dynamics NAV ressource

+ 25 Years in Business

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