Bjarke Sonnichsen

HillClimbing v. \Bjarke Sonnicsen    

Life is an adventure - not only professional


You are wellcome to follow me into    how I spend   the non commerical  part of my life. Trying to fullfil the words of  Mark Twain. Comprehended as a complete human being, acting in a broader perspective.   

Mountains to climb

Grand tour de mont Blanc, through France, Italy & Switzerland.

Roads to discover

Norway, up the west cost by MC 

Stalking the challenge 

The Highlands of Scotland


Waves to overcome

Pirate  in British Virgin Island, the Caribic

Crossing the Mediterranean

  Captain on the 45" Hunter CC, private yacht. Taking of from Mallorca heading for  the Baltic Sea.

Targits to catch 

Salmon fly fishing among good friends in Norway   


The very best part

Back home, to whome I belong

Bjarke Sonnichsen

Production Engineer 1989

University of Southern Denmark

My personal ambition

Comprehended as a complete human being, acting in a broader perspective

Smiling and a happy approach to life itself

Always with professional competence and visionary attitude


Your independant & personal

Dynamics NAV ressource

+ 25 Years in Business

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