Bjarke Sonnichsen

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My professional history & activities

Continuity  •       Quality    •   Responsibility

I always intend to deliver what You want - believing in long term relations - and the fact that quality always pays back   


Graduated in 1989 from Odense Teknikum (Now: University of Southern Denmark) as a "Production Engineer"

(Bachelor of Science).

A lot of  Years in IT

25 years of professionel experience with the worldwide known ERP system Dynamics NAV.

I have worked with  all aspects in the IT-branch, such as  management, sales & marketing, financials, product design and more technical skills such as integration, developing and designing   of IT solutions.


As a NAV consultant, I have been main responsible for implementing the Dynamics NAV systems in several companys and branches. In Denmark and in other European countries. My skills are always updated on the latest NAV versions. At the moment with high end skills in the newest version: MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

Professional at "both sides of the table",  combined with the spirit of  an entrepreneur 

Most of my professional time, I have run my own company, the Danish "NaviLink ApS", founded by me in 1995. Before selling it in 2007, it reached the level of "MicroSoft Gold Certified Partner", specialized in Dynamics NAV.


My history also includes longer periods as a fulltime employee  in  the IT-Business as head of the Dynamics NAV departments. Including also 5 years spent as head of the IT-Business Applications at Dansani A/S. A market leading company in Europe, designing, manufacturing and selling bathroom furniture . (www.dansani.com)


Present activities

At the moment I enjoy spending my professional time participating in different large and smaller scale Dynamics NAV Projects.

Primarely focused on strategic and operational issues such as: Sounding board, Task management, ERP implementation, system integration  and programming and development activities  (C/AL, .Net, Sharepoint, etc..)

Bjarke Sonnichsen

Production Engineer 1989

University of Southern Denmark

My personal ambition

Comprehended as a complete human being, acting in a broader perspective

Smiling and a happy approach to life itself

Always with professional competence and visionary attitude


Your independant & personal

Dynamics NAV ressource

+ 25 Years in Business

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