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The value I can add as a CIO  or  IT Manager

•   Knowing the Dynamic NAV - ERP system in particulary and almost alle the surrouding IT systems in general.

•   Always taking the business’ profit performance and reducing of costs as starting point.   

•   Believing in personal openness, trust, knowledge and co-operation. 

•   Securing a razor-sharp activity management.

Do you want a continuous overview and control of you overall IT situation?


   Management information 

•   IT-strategy expressed in an operational manner, so that it brings value and will be used in your everyday life.

•   Information of finances and budgets that last within the IT field.

•   IT brought to an understandable language towards the management.

•   To have everyone to experience IT as an asset giving freedom, overview, insight and flexibility.

   Customers and suppliers

•   Focusing  IT as a tool bringing value to customers and suppliers.

   IT members of staff

•   One person to manage and coach your IT members of staff. One who is not afraid to leads the way, when necessary.

   IT suppliers

•   A professional daily management and selection of your IT suppliers.


•   Projects keeping the track,  following the need of the business.

   System quality

•   Secure that your IT system operates as a whole, integrated and not as isolated sections.

•   Defined quality and best practice into systemdevelopment and integration.

•   Secure and known uptime and prevention against breakdowns.

•   Quality and curing ilness, instead of curing symptoms.

•   Planned and secure update of alle the IT busienss applications.


•   Avoid dependence of internal individuals or external suppliers, thrue defined best practise, documentation and

    sharing of relevant and balanced knowledge accros the entire organisation. 

Du you agree in these statements?

Then I will be happy to show that the formula actually works.

Bjarke Sonnichsen

Production Engineer 1989

University of Southern Denmark

My personal ambition

Comprehended as a complete human being, acting in a broader perspective

Smiling and a happy approach to life itself

Always with professional competence and visionary attitude


Your independant & personal

Dynamics NAV ressource

+ 25 Years in Business

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